Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Friday Update

I have been busy this week with just random projects for charity, swaps and Christmas gifts. There are a couple things I worked on that are not pictured here, one is a secret but is the toy for JJ and the other is the scarf for my partner in the scarf swap at the Ville.

I started this today and it is a butterfly doily that I am making for my mom for a late birthday present. I am going to block it then frame it for her to hang.

Here is my SIL's purse, unfelted.

Here is the purse after being felted but still without the straps and closure.

Here are 4 12" squares I made for the Football Charity Challenge at the Ville.

Here is an 8" square, I had to make 5 squares for the challenge, this one is done in pink for breast cancer in memory of my grandma who passed from complications caused by the cancer. I will be sending this with (hopefully) a bunch of other ones to the Traveling Hook II.

This is the first two rows of the Cebelia overtop sweater I am making for my mom for christmas. Instead of using two strands of 10 thread I am using Bernat Baby fingering weight which is only slightly off but after blocking should be fine.

I have been a busy little bee this week :o)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday update

My first finished WIP was the baby round ripple for my cousins baby, just have to finish weaving in a few ends and I will be done!!

My sister in laws knitted and soon to be felted purse made in caron Felt-it in Heathers colorway.

This is a block from the 63 cable squares but mine is double in size to 12" without edging. It's hard to see the actual cables but they are there, I promise.

My second finished WIP is Danny's round ripple, it will be a christmas present for him and it is huge!! About 53".

I was going to post a picture of my scarf for the scarf swap but I am a bit worried that Clementine would come here and see it. Anyways that's all I have been doing this week besides taking care of the boys.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Update

So here are my weekly update pictures....

Here is a scarf I started using Patons Mosaic.

This is the progress on JJ's Dino ghan, I am almost half done with the first square!

This is the finished sweater for my cousins baby and the strip is the start of the matching hat.

This is the Round Ripple for my cousins baby, I am now done with the last color change until the edging. Only about 6-8 more rows to go!

This is Danny's Round Ripple which is on it's last color change and 6 1/2 rows to go then the edging will be bright red.

This is the the knitted soon to be felted purse for my sister in law.

And here is the yarn I got for my stash today the Jiffy black was only $1.87 a skein and the sugar and cream was $1.19, not really on sale but look at how pretty it is!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toy Swap

Ok so I joined the small toy swap at the ville' and got the most wonderful partner ever Donna, I had to beg KnicKnac a bit but I am glad I did :o) I had so much fun making toys for her girls and getting to know her better, turns out we have quite a bit in common.

We actually got our packages at almost the same time, just within a few hours of each other!!

So here are the pictures:

JJ jumped right on the box as soon as I brought it in, he was so excited!

Donna made a cute little toolbox for Danny that had crocheted tools like a hammer a ruler a wrench and a screwdriver. She also made him the dragon which is amazing and adorable and might have to go live with my dragon collection :o) And yes that is me half dressed, I was waiting for my pants to dry so I was wearing my Pirates of the Carribean pajama pants.
JJ got a "John Steer" tractor and was absolutely in love with it!!JJ also got these awesome dinosaur magents done on plastic canvas! As soon as I told him they were magnets he ran out and put all of them on the refrigerator where they are going to live for ever :o)
And this is the box for the magnets!! How adorable is that? I have got to find myself some plastic canvas patterns!!

And if that wasn't enough Donna also sent me some gifts!

The Annies Crochet is a replacement for one that I have that JJ got a hold of and drew all over. And the other pattern book is by far the most awesome book!! I already have patterns marked to make :o) and some delicious strawberries and creme lifesavers that I LOVE. And also the most amazing smelling cherry candle!! What can I say Donna rocks!!

Ok so I know this is a long post aready but I thought I should post up pics of the toys I made for her girls, which was so much fun to make, I just wish I had a girl of my own!

This was the first toy. I made it for her oldest daughter along with...this tote bag, this side is the tic tac toe side and the other side is a checkerboard.

This is the baby I made for her youngest and I also made a cradle purse for the baby too but I forgot to take a picture of it.
This is the second toy for her youngest, a drawstring toy bag with.....
These adorable finger puppets inside!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What I have been up to.

So I mostly have been just working on toy swap stuff and it needs to be done and shipped by the 24th so that is my main priority. Hubby has been gone since the 11th and will hopefully be home soon*fingers crossed*

Ok so here are a few pictures for the week.

Danny ran away with one of the toys for the toy swap. He was rocking it and shhhing it and patting it's back.

Then there were the booties that I made to go with the sweater and hat that I made (posted below).

These are the "saltines" I have been making for Jons WindWalker Afghan I can't wait to get the first square together to see how it looks.

And the baby sweater for my cousin all I have to do is add the buttonhole band and then sew the sleeves together and onto the sweater.

And the RR for Danny.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Look what I finished!!

Ok so I told a lady over at the ville I would make this for her to give to her neice for her neices preemie.

I used a G hook and Caron SS for the sweater and the blue hat and then Red Heart Soft Baby in white for the edging. The other hat was my very first knitted project ever.

And here is a picture of the poka dot buttons. I really hope the parents and baby enjoy the sweater as much as I enjoyed making it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday Update

Ok here is my update for the week:
So for this week I only worked on a few projects, I attached 4 squares to Janets comfortghan but didn't take a picture. I also started and got halfway done with a toy for the toy swap, but no picture for that either, don't want Donna seeing :o) I worked on the baby round ripple and got 6 rows done this week on it so heres the picture:

So the last row of green and the two of yellow and green and all of the yellow is what I did this week. I am really happy with the way it is turning out!

I also worked on the baby sweater for my cousin and here is the picture:

I did all of the one sleeve and then started on the other sleeve which is what you see at the bottom. I have 22 more rows to do on the sleeve and then that is done and I have to do the ribbing around the neck the end of the sleeves and the button and button hole parts on the front and then I have to make the hat to go with it.

And the last thing I worked on this week is this:

Yep Homer Simpson doll! I found the pattern on and thought to myself, "JJ would love that seens how he is a huge fan of the simpsons and we watch it every night it's on, I need to make this" so I did!! I am almost done and was hoping to have it finished by the 27th but hey I will get it done today and will post another picture of the finished product! JJ loves it and keeps asking me for his "Simpson".

Oh and hubby got me a digi camera for our 6th anniversary! He is a wonderful guy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

AIDS auction.....

Here are a few pictures of the scarves I have been working on for the AIDS auction back home in NY. It's an auction of only handmade Red scarves, last year they had about 100 or 200 scarves, this year they are going to have a whole lot more!!!

The colors are off because they were taken with the cell phone but the curly one is made with Red Heart Light and Lofty. The other is made with what I can only assume is chenille there was not tag on it but it was in my stash, it was a slight modification of the SnB one skein scarf.
This one is Red Heart Soft Yarn in Wine. The pattern is amazing and can be found here :

I am working on a strawberry scarf and a daisy scarf. I also have to figure out what kind of stitch to make with two skeins of Paton's Mosiac, anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and here is one of the strawberries for the strawberry scarf, I still have to add the "seeds" but you get the idea.

I also finished up a charity blanket.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swap stuff...

IS SENT!!!! I sent them out a few days ago but just posted this now. I am gonna miss spoiling my swap partner she really is wonderful! But I just now remembered that I forgot to take a picture of the very last 3 things I sent her so I might have to see if she can get a pic of them so that I can post them here.

On another note the other day I got a small stuffie with some marigold seeds a nice note and a beautiful crocheted dish/face cloth (my new face cloth now) from an elf in Texas. Yes you read right an elf, I joined in on the Holidays in July over at the Ville and am just loving it, though I haven't yet had the chance to make it to the post office to ship out some things I do have stuff ready to gift so hopefully after payday! And then today a wonderful elf from NJ gifted me 3 partial skeins of lion boucle and a partial of beautiful light and lofty that just so happens to be RED!! So now I have more yarn to make another scarf for the AIDS auction!!!

Not sure what to do with the other skeins but I am thinking maybe some baby hats? or booties? or slippers for elderly? Whatever I decide I know it will be great and will go to a good cause!

Well I don't seem to be making much headway with crocheting but that might be because I spend a lot of the time with the boys and on the 'Ville oh and we took the boys to two baseball games so far this week. The family friend who is staying with us for a bit is on the command baseball team so we go and watch him play. They aren't that good but hey it's something to do!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ok so this is unrelated to crochet but I wanted to share. When my grandma passed (5 years ago next month) my mom wanted to put a marker next to her grave stone that read "If Tears could build a staircase And memories a lane, We'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." Well about a week later going through her stuff I ran across a newspaper clipping that gave me chills. It read:

God looked around His garden,
And he found and empty place.
He then looked down upon this Earth
And saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you,
And lifted you to rest.
God's Garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering,
He knew you were in pain,
He also knew in Heaven you
Would never hurt again.
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hills harder to climb,
So He closed your weary eyelids,
And whispered "Peace be Thine."
It broke our hears to lose you,
But you didn't go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.
If tears could build a staircase
And memories a lane,
We'd walk all the way to heaven
And bring you home again.

With the anniversary of my grandmas death right around the corner I am finding myself back in that whole depression slump even 5 years later. But she is here around me letting me know. She is always sending me cardnials, they were her favorite birds and I have seen numerous cardnials flying around lately. I love you grandma and miss you so much!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm still alive....

Ok so I haven't posted in a while but I have been busy making Swap stuff for my partner. So this is something that I made but then JJ took it and won't give it back which is ok cause it won't fit in the box with all the other stuff I am sending to her. Anyway's this is JJ's Dino and his name is Spikey....

Anyways I have 5 rows done on Jon's Sandman Afghan or otherwise known as "The Beast". I started a round ripple Van Gogh for a baby blanket and have 15 rows of that done and I also got all the yarn for JJ's Dino ghan that the wonderful Lillibet made for me. I am so excited to start this! Plus I went to ACMoore the other day to get a few more things for my partner and they had a ton of pattern books on clearance and one of them was the 63 Cable Squares that I have been wanting for ever and it only cost me $6!!! And I already have the yarn for that, I had bought some orange and green and tan yarn a few weeks ago (I don't know why but I love those colors together ).

Friday, June 8, 2007

Ok so it's been awhile but I am still alive. For a month we had no internet but they finally hooked us up and now I have no digital camera because JJ broke it. Hopefully next payday we will be able to get one but I dont know. Anyways I joined the Summer Secret Pal swap at the ville so that pretty much has taken over my time making sure that my KSP has the very best that I can make.

My UKSP has sent me a few amazing things like a pink butterfly tape measure, a set of bamboo hooks, and a row counter bracelet with matching cherry stitch markers!!!! She said that she mailed out my final package so I am just waiting on it to get here, should be anytime now. I think my mailman is afraid of me cause I have been stalking him a lot lately!

Anyways I have finished at least three projects since I last posted but all for my Swap partner so I can't really post pics until the last package is recieved. I also have joined a couple CAL's like the tunisan one but that doesnt offically start until July 15th (thank goodness because I am so busy with the Sp stuff) and also the UFO one which I offically start on Monday! Hopefully with all the wonderful ladies in that post supporting me I can finish all thes WIP!!!

Ok well that about covers it for now, I will try to post more frequently now that I have internet. Have a good day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Swap Goodies

Ok so I know I am a little behind schedual with posting this (I got it Saturday and have yet to post it up here) but the delay is due to moving...That's right we are now in base housing and it is wonderful!!! Ok so here is what my wonderful Swap partner from the ville Lucy sent me:

This is the bag she made with everything in it and it is packed full!
Inside the bag is 3 skeins of black Patons Classic wool and 3 skeins of pink Patons classic wool so that I can felt my own bag, which I have been dying to do for ages! Also were 4 candy bars and memo pad and little picture frame that opens up with paper inside. She was such and awsome partner.

Ok now to show you all the purse I made for her:

I made it using the Nordstrom bag pattern found here:

I made it using Lion Brand Wool-ease in Heather Rose. I lined it with black satin fabric and lilac ribbon lining the pockets on the inside. I wove a dark purple velvet ribbon through the top of the purse and sew a zipper onto the purse and added a leather strap to it. I also sent her some plastic containers to hold her supplies two booklet of crochet, handmade stitch markers, a handmade hook roll, and two stuffies for her grandkids and some chocloate for her.....I might have forgotten something but oh well. Any ways the swap was loads of fun!!

I will leave you know with just one more picture of the booties I made to go with the hat and blanket I made for my cousins Daughter (who was born a few days ago weighing in at 6lbs 3 ozs just a little bigger than my youngest so I don't know how well that hat or the booties will fit but she loved the set so it was all worth it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More to show off.....

Ok so I found out that my cousin is having a little girl at the end of April begining of May so I thought Hey why not make something for her. I went to my yarn stash and low'n'behold I had some pink caron simply soft I had aquried for another project that I nixed so I got to work looking for a pattern and then crocheting.
The blanket took me about 4 days to crochet then 2 days to lightly block and then half an hour to weave in the ribbon. The hat took me about 40 minutes with just a basic hat pattern that I altered for the area where I wove in the ribbon and then added the shell to the edge. Booties might be in the future but I am not sure seens how I don't have any bootie patterns I really like.

On another note I have figured out what I am going to do for Jon for his blanket and I have a blanket in mind for my mom and both the boys so I am going to get started on Jon's blanket today and hopefully in about 3 months from now I will have it done*fingers crossed*.

I will leave you all for now with a couple of pics of my boys, just cause they are so dang adorable..... The first is Daniel at a playarea when I met up with my local crochet/knit group and the second is JJ getting ready to go to bed.