Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More to show off.....

Ok so I found out that my cousin is having a little girl at the end of April begining of May so I thought Hey why not make something for her. I went to my yarn stash and low'n'behold I had some pink caron simply soft I had aquried for another project that I nixed so I got to work looking for a pattern and then crocheting.
The blanket took me about 4 days to crochet then 2 days to lightly block and then half an hour to weave in the ribbon. The hat took me about 40 minutes with just a basic hat pattern that I altered for the area where I wove in the ribbon and then added the shell to the edge. Booties might be in the future but I am not sure seens how I don't have any bootie patterns I really like.

On another note I have figured out what I am going to do for Jon for his blanket and I have a blanket in mind for my mom and both the boys so I am going to get started on Jon's blanket today and hopefully in about 3 months from now I will have it done*fingers crossed*.

I will leave you all for now with a couple of pics of my boys, just cause they are so dang adorable..... The first is Daniel at a playarea when I met up with my local crochet/knit group and the second is JJ getting ready to go to bed.