Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday Update

Ok here is my update for the week:
So for this week I only worked on a few projects, I attached 4 squares to Janets comfortghan but didn't take a picture. I also started and got halfway done with a toy for the toy swap, but no picture for that either, don't want Donna seeing :o) I worked on the baby round ripple and got 6 rows done this week on it so heres the picture:

So the last row of green and the two of yellow and green and all of the yellow is what I did this week. I am really happy with the way it is turning out!

I also worked on the baby sweater for my cousin and here is the picture:

I did all of the one sleeve and then started on the other sleeve which is what you see at the bottom. I have 22 more rows to do on the sleeve and then that is done and I have to do the ribbing around the neck the end of the sleeves and the button and button hole parts on the front and then I have to make the hat to go with it.

And the last thing I worked on this week is this:

Yep Homer Simpson doll! I found the pattern on and thought to myself, "JJ would love that seens how he is a huge fan of the simpsons and we watch it every night it's on, I need to make this" so I did!! I am almost done and was hoping to have it finished by the 27th but hey I will get it done today and will post another picture of the finished product! JJ loves it and keeps asking me for his "Simpson".

Oh and hubby got me a digi camera for our 6th anniversary! He is a wonderful guy!

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