Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Swap Goodies

Ok so I know I am a little behind schedual with posting this (I got it Saturday and have yet to post it up here) but the delay is due to moving...That's right we are now in base housing and it is wonderful!!! Ok so here is what my wonderful Swap partner from the ville Lucy sent me:

This is the bag she made with everything in it and it is packed full!
Inside the bag is 3 skeins of black Patons Classic wool and 3 skeins of pink Patons classic wool so that I can felt my own bag, which I have been dying to do for ages! Also were 4 candy bars and memo pad and little picture frame that opens up with paper inside. She was such and awsome partner.

Ok now to show you all the purse I made for her:

I made it using the Nordstrom bag pattern found here:

I made it using Lion Brand Wool-ease in Heather Rose. I lined it with black satin fabric and lilac ribbon lining the pockets on the inside. I wove a dark purple velvet ribbon through the top of the purse and sew a zipper onto the purse and added a leather strap to it. I also sent her some plastic containers to hold her supplies two booklet of crochet, handmade stitch markers, a handmade hook roll, and two stuffies for her grandkids and some chocloate for her.....I might have forgotten something but oh well. Any ways the swap was loads of fun!!

I will leave you know with just one more picture of the booties I made to go with the hat and blanket I made for my cousins Daughter (who was born a few days ago weighing in at 6lbs 3 ozs just a little bigger than my youngest so I don't know how well that hat or the booties will fit but she loved the set so it was all worth it.