Sunday, August 19, 2007

What I have been up to.

So I mostly have been just working on toy swap stuff and it needs to be done and shipped by the 24th so that is my main priority. Hubby has been gone since the 11th and will hopefully be home soon*fingers crossed*

Ok so here are a few pictures for the week.

Danny ran away with one of the toys for the toy swap. He was rocking it and shhhing it and patting it's back.

Then there were the booties that I made to go with the sweater and hat that I made (posted below).

These are the "saltines" I have been making for Jons WindWalker Afghan I can't wait to get the first square together to see how it looks.

And the baby sweater for my cousin all I have to do is add the buttonhole band and then sew the sleeves together and onto the sweater.

And the RR for Danny.

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