Thursday, March 22, 2007

As promised....

Ok so I promised more and here it is....

This is my dad's blanket that I made for him for christmas (it's only slightly late :0) It is a lap blanket for him to take to the Canandaigua Academy football games. He hasn't gotten it yet but hopefully he likes it.

And this is a square that I designed. I plan to eventually make a princess, wizard and unicorn one so that I can make a whole midevil blanket but that has been put on hold.

I am currently working on making granny squares for a comfortghan for a family member who is going through chemo and I am hoping to have it done by easter weekend as they are coming up to visit and I would like to give it to her then. I was sent a few squares by a couple lovely ladies at the ville but not enough to save me from working hard on squares every chance I get. Oh well it will be very satisfying when all is done.

On top of that I am working on a blanket for my hubby that I promised him 6 years ago when I first learned how to crochet.

OHHHH and I got my S'n'B Happy Hooker last night! I know I am kinda late but I never think to look for it when I am at the book store. And later this evening I am going to go around the the yarn stores and cross my fingers that one of them needs part time help.....this is my dream job. Maybe working in a yarn shop will help control my addiction for yarn, but I doubt it.

Oh and for a few more pics...this is the quilt that I made for a cousins baby shower. My first quilt ever and everyone loved it. Plus we also made this diaper cake...(Abby designed it, it turned out ok but the first one I made for another cousin turned out a bit better). And also an up close pic of the little heart on the quilt, which says made with love by Jenni.

Ok well thanks for reading! Love you all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oh no.....

Ok well this is the second blog I have started. For some reason I can't log into the other one which is sad because I was proud of my weak moment and the blog I posted. As I stated in the other blog I never thought I would start one of these but circumstances have led me to this.

I normally post on a crochet website but have lately found myself wondering what's so special about that site. It's nice when people actually try to help you out but most of the time people just don't care and only go there for the free patterns that others on there give out. Now don't get me wrong I like free patterns too but when someone needs help answer them don't just ignore them.

Ok stepping down off my soap box now... So I have been crocheting for some time now and thought this past christmas that I should make presents for the family so now I will post a crap load of pics of the gifts that I made for people....Enjoy!

There will be another post in a couple days showing off more work that I have done, crocheting and sewing and well anything else that I have pics of. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!!