Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Update

So here are my weekly update pictures....

Here is a scarf I started using Patons Mosaic.

This is the progress on JJ's Dino ghan, I am almost half done with the first square!

This is the finished sweater for my cousins baby and the strip is the start of the matching hat.

This is the Round Ripple for my cousins baby, I am now done with the last color change until the edging. Only about 6-8 more rows to go!

This is Danny's Round Ripple which is on it's last color change and 6 1/2 rows to go then the edging will be bright red.

This is the the knitted soon to be felted purse for my sister in law.

And here is the yarn I got for my stash today the Jiffy black was only $1.87 a skein and the sugar and cream was $1.19, not really on sale but look at how pretty it is!!

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