Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toy Swap

Ok so I joined the small toy swap at the ville' and got the most wonderful partner ever Donna, I had to beg KnicKnac a bit but I am glad I did :o) I had so much fun making toys for her girls and getting to know her better, turns out we have quite a bit in common.

We actually got our packages at almost the same time, just within a few hours of each other!!

So here are the pictures:

JJ jumped right on the box as soon as I brought it in, he was so excited!

Donna made a cute little toolbox for Danny that had crocheted tools like a hammer a ruler a wrench and a screwdriver. She also made him the dragon which is amazing and adorable and might have to go live with my dragon collection :o) And yes that is me half dressed, I was waiting for my pants to dry so I was wearing my Pirates of the Carribean pajama pants.
JJ got a "John Steer" tractor and was absolutely in love with it!!JJ also got these awesome dinosaur magents done on plastic canvas! As soon as I told him they were magnets he ran out and put all of them on the refrigerator where they are going to live for ever :o)
And this is the box for the magnets!! How adorable is that? I have got to find myself some plastic canvas patterns!!

And if that wasn't enough Donna also sent me some gifts!

The Annies Crochet is a replacement for one that I have that JJ got a hold of and drew all over. And the other pattern book is by far the most awesome book!! I already have patterns marked to make :o) and some delicious strawberries and creme lifesavers that I LOVE. And also the most amazing smelling cherry candle!! What can I say Donna rocks!!

Ok so I know this is a long post aready but I thought I should post up pics of the toys I made for her girls, which was so much fun to make, I just wish I had a girl of my own!

This was the first toy. I made it for her oldest daughter along with...this tote bag, this side is the tic tac toe side and the other side is a checkerboard.

This is the baby I made for her youngest and I also made a cradle purse for the baby too but I forgot to take a picture of it.
This is the second toy for her youngest, a drawstring toy bag with.....
These adorable finger puppets inside!!

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