Tuesday, July 17, 2007

AIDS auction.....

Here are a few pictures of the scarves I have been working on for the AIDS auction back home in NY. It's an auction of only handmade Red scarves, last year they had about 100 or 200 scarves, this year they are going to have a whole lot more!!!

The colors are off because they were taken with the cell phone but the curly one is made with Red Heart Light and Lofty. The other is made with what I can only assume is chenille there was not tag on it but it was in my stash, it was a slight modification of the SnB one skein scarf.
This one is Red Heart Soft Yarn in Wine. The pattern is amazing and can be found here :


I am working on a strawberry scarf and a daisy scarf. I also have to figure out what kind of stitch to make with two skeins of Paton's Mosiac, anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and here is one of the strawberries for the strawberry scarf, I still have to add the "seeds" but you get the idea.

I also finished up a charity blanket.

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